5 Reasons Why I Only Use Squarespace

Everybody has their own preference on which website platforms they like. Many enjoy using WordPress, Wix, Weebly, ProPhoto, and many others. As a frequent Squarespace user, I absolutely love it. There are some other articles that talk about Sqaurespace and I thought I would add my opinion to the mix to shed some more light on how a Squarespace site can benefit you and your business.

Always Nice to Look at- Any Squarespace website I have seen has always looked nice. Squarespace has a variety of wonderful templates that are all customizable to your need. The templates give a fresh, clean, and bright look to help your business look professional. If you are just starting out, whether you are a business or a blogger, Squarespace will give you that professional look at an affordable rate.

Easy To Use- This is a huge benefit of Squarespace. For people who may not have a lot of design experience, this is the platform for you to use. Squarespace makes it easy to add pages, publish blog posts, different widgets to customize, and drag-and-drop features to help you customize the website the way you want it to look. I use Squarespace with my clients for this reason. When they need to update their website, it will be easy to teach them how to use the website and how to keep it updated. 

Affordable- Buying a website is expensive, especially if you are just starting out. Squarespace makes having a website affordable with starting at $12.99 a month. With it, comes 20+ pages, 2 contributors, fully integrated e-commerce, 24/7 customer support, and more. For a list and other plans with Squarespace, click here and learn more.

Great Customer Support- I know we all hope we never have to call customer service for anything. However, there have been a couple times when I first starting using Squarespace where I had to contact customer support to figure out problems. They answered every one of my questions, helped me through the process, and was just all-around friendly to talk to. I was on the phone for an extra 10 minutes because the customer support rep wanted to know about my business. Definitely a surprise and made me enjoy the experience I had with them.

Mobile-Friendly- This is a huge part of websites today. Having a mobile-friendly website is very crucial for your site as people today spend about 75% of their time on their phones. Having a mobile-friendly website gives your website that more professional look and easy to read. Other website platforms make you pay extra to have your website mobile-optimized. All Squarespace sites are mobile-optimized for phones and tablets. 

Are you still wanting to learn more about how to use Squarespace? Stay tuned for the launch of a FREE Ebook about how to use Squarespace for your business. If you have any questions or topics you would like see discussed in the EBook, leave a comment!