Getting into photography

How to Find Your Style of Photography

Everyone has a different style of photography that they like. Some people prefer the light and airy look, some like a more crisp and clean look, and some like a more dark and shadowy look. You name it. 

In the creative business, everyone looks at your style of your brand. They will look at your colors, your logo, and they will look at your photos. Whether you are a blogger, event planner or a photographer, photos is what captures your audience attention. 

So how do you create a style that you love and want to be recognized for? 

Photography Style
  • Research. One way to find out what kinds of photography that you like is to look at photos. If you search on Pinterest for the type of photos you are looking for, you will get plenty of examples of photos from other photographers. Maybe you even like a certain photographers style. Look and see what aspects of their photography you like and don't like. Maybe you like that they are bright but you would like to see more color. Write down your notes for you to fall back on.

  • Practice. Practice makes perfect. After researching the aspects of photography you like and you don't like, going out and capturing photos will help. This way you are getting hands on experience with figuring out if want more exposure in your photographs or if you want them a little darker. This also gives you a chance to work with posing your objects, whether they be people or an object you designed or are recommending.

  • Editing. Editing gives you the chance to really play around with what style you are trying to achieve. I use Lightroom as my main editing program and it is by far one of the best editing programs I've used. Lightroom gives you the tools to create your style. You can adjust exposure, contrast, different colors you might want standing out, and more. You may end up trying a few different styles until you find the one that represents your brand the most.

When I first got started with photography, it took me 6 months-1 year to really find my style and what I wanted my clients to receive. For some it comes easier, for some it can be more difficult. Just remember. Once you find your style, make sure you keep it consistent throughout your whole company. Your work will be noticed by how consistent your brand is.

What are some other principles that helped you find your style?