The Start of Aleta Marie

Hello and welcome to the blog! I am excited to introduce, Aleta Marie, formerly known as Four Seasons Media. Aleta Marie provides branding services to help business owners thrive in their industry.

This first started as Four Seasons Media back in 2014, which focused on branding, social media management, videography and photography. The more I was working with clients, the more I realized that most businesses struggle to keep their brand consistent and are in need of a brand stylist to help them. Earlier this year, I decided it was time to rebrand my company to focus on branding and helping businesses understand how having a consistent brand can help them succeed.

I still enjoy all the aspects of social media, videography, and photography. With my knowledge in those categories, I can't wait to write about how they can also keep your brand consistent. 

I've redesigned my brand so that I only take on a limited number of clients at a time so that I can give them the attention they deserve while designing for their company. With this process, the client will get their  whole branding package at a much faster turn-around time than other designers.

This is a very exciting time for Aleta Marie as well. My husband and I are expecting a little baby girl due this October. I'm so glad that I can work from home to be with her everyday. 

Very exciting time around here! Feel free to contact me with any branding questions you may have!